the sum of us

With a deepened understanding of quantum physics, particularly in the past couple of decades, the theories of threads and the intriguing suggestions of a multiverse have captivated my thoughts. The concept that multiple versions of 'me' exist in parallel universes, each slightly different yet inherently the same, opens up a realm of endless possibilities. It's both fascinating and enjoyable to indulge in speculation. 

The interplay of these ideas sparks the imagination with the potential for creating perfection for humanity, akin to the profound concept of Buddhahood. It involves transcending mistakes in one's life and comprehending issues on a much broader scale. 

This contemplation led me to explore the notion of spiritual reincarnation, as depicted in my work '[image below] Self Reincarnation.' The representation delves into the idea of overcoming life's challenges and continually evolving. 

self reincarnation

 Self Reincarnation ,2008
Imagine the extraordinary notion of giving birth to oneself
– a form of reincarnation on demand.

As they say, 'Many photographs are better than one,' and I invite you to explore this collection, where I've strived to encapsulate the essence of time, possibilities, and the beauty of our multiverse through the lens of my camera.”